Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Meditation, Yoga Vacations and Yoga Teacher Training in India

India- the land of ancient sciences is emerging up now-a-days as the remedy towards the hectic and stressful routine life. To learn Yoga and gain its essential benefits you have to be determined and focused towards registering yourself at Aparyoga.org academy’s Yoga Teacher Training Course in India. At this academy instructors are highly professional and teach all the yoga exercises and kriya’s in simple and easily understandable manner. This is done just to help students get correct postures. This professional attitude of our instructors and your zeal towards learning this ancient yogic science will confirm your success in your yoga career.

Apar Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training in India is world renowned for its efficacy and it can assist students to develop highly professional yoga postures and exercises. This qualifying Yoga Teacher Training Course in India has been intended and structured so that ambitious yoga teachers can understand the complexities of yoga in simple way. The Spokesperson of Apar Yoga Academy Mr. Acharya Tuna Khatua says “our yoga instructors teach students so that they capably transfer the methodology of effective yoga techniques to their future students”. We make use of this ancient science with the most modern techniques and teaching methods, this assist us in conveying the message & benefits of this yogic science in most effective manner.

We consider that an in-depth philosophical understanding reinforces a proficient teacher. Hence, give yourself a chance to infuse your soul in this timeless wisdom being spread by Apar Yoga Academy.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Understand and Apply to Your lives - Yoga and its Morals

Apar Yoga academy is a registered yoga school in India; the school has been conducting a successful yoga teacher training courses since past 15 years. The popularity of Apar Yoga Academy is spreading like anything and it has become one of the leading registered yoga school in India. All this popularity and appreciation is owing to the high standard and a bench mark which Apar academy has set-up. The fee structure of this recognized academy is reasonable and includes accommodation, books, food, adventure activities on weekends, etc. The classes are held within the academy premises, which is well equipped and is located in such a beautiful locality that students will adore and will wish to linger here for long. According to the Spokesperson of Apar Yoga Academy- Mr. Deepak Rawat “academy’s yoga training team of Swami Nityanandan Giri, Acharya Tuna Khatua and others have successfully formulated a simple method for teaching the ancient yogic wisdom in way that is easy for modern day yoga students to understand and apply to their lives.”

Apar Yoga Rishikesh

Apar yoga academy very proudly announced the commencement of its ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training in India. This yoga teacher training course is a truly unique, out of the beaten path program. Located in the heart of the Yoga Capital “Rishikesh”, it offers an experience of courteousindulgence in one of the earth’s most enthusiastically charged traditionally rich location. During the program you will relish the Local gourmet vegetarian cuisine, authentic yet modern teaching methodology, beautiful yoga ashram and a magnificent meditation room iswhat you can expect for this program.

In our Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in India Program, the Ashtanga Vinyasa technique is the introductory asana practice for this yoga teacher training program. Students are taught the asanas of the Ashtanga key series, the 70+ asana series, Sanskrit position names, opening and closing chants, ethics of Ujayi and harmonization of breath parallel to each position. Additionally to Ashtanga vinyasa, some other core forms of Hatha, are taught and practiced as complementary practices to Ashtanga. Our Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training in India program theory comprises all the main features of the Yoga Values, History and Literature and highlights the meaning of correctposition, injury avoidance, and anatomy. The Universal health and remedialstructure of Ayurveda and appropriate yogic nourishmentideologies are also united as a significantfragment of the program. Pranayama, mantra chanting, and numerous meditation methods complete our broad training syllabus.

Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

We are delighted to introduce our Yoga teacher training in Bali program with some of the yoga fan and followers staying in Bali and nearby regions. With immense pleasure our yoga academy is here in Bali to share the knowledge and love of yoga with you. This yoga teacher training program is dedicated to the passionate learners who wish to move forward on the delightful path of yogic science/ art. Our academy is registered under the Yoga Alliance, USA, hence all the curriculum, methodology and in-house facilities matches the international standard of the yoga alliance, USA.

Our teacher training program is intended with the sole purpose to deepen your practice and give you the tools to teach others. End of this training program is a pleasing achievement. Simultaneously it is only the commencement — we cannot feasibly teach you all we know in just few training days. The practice of yoga is an enduring effort which will always be full of learning and comprehension at every shot. In this teacher training program you will discover your power of speech and acquire how to fetch your inimitable viewpoint and aids to the talent of imparting yogic knowledge to others. You will cultivate a sturdy operational understanding of yoga positions/ asana, meditation, pranayama, philosophy and yogic values.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

India- a land full of divine and ancient therapies, one such ancient therapy is Yoga. From past so many years sages have employed this yoga therapy with the amalgamation of meditation, nature, food, hymn, etc.Since its introduction, sages have passed their knowledge and skills of this ancient science to their students and devotees. And in current scenario this Yoga science has been spread from east to west and is considered as a medium to purify one’s mind, soul and body.
Since everyone now-a-days is very much concerned about his or her holistic health, Yoga is regarded as an imperative element in current scenario. This ancient yogic science is exhibiting its significance in today’s busy human life; hence its popularity is constantly gaining momentum. Indulging yourself in this career can be a great idea and to get success in your professional life enroll yourselfyoga teacher training in India program. After successful completion of 200 hour yoga teacher training in India the enroller has a bright and attractive path of personal development as well as has the chance to serve the community indirectly. As yoga has increasing demand, more and more people travel to India every year just to embrace their heart, soul and body in this charismatic and spell bounding Yoga experience.

There are a number of yoga retreats in India, but to choose a good one out of them could be a difficult decision.To have an informed verdict it is suggested to acquire as many details as probable.In all these Indian yoga retreats professional and experienced yoga teachers are available to make the enrollers guide and enjoy this pleasurable journey of yoga. A joyful experience and affordability of the yoga courses for beginners has been the greatest reason for a high number of visitors each year. Some yoga learners return again and again to India for the advance yoga course and to relish again the mystical and colorful culture of India.

Apar Yoga India

Yoga is an ancient spiritual science which was basically originated in the eastern countries of the globe- namely- India and Nepal. Hence, India and Nepal are core destinations to learn and discover more about Yoga. There are a number of Yoga Retreats in India which proffers a perfect blend of fitness and relaxation. There is nothing that can contrast the facilities and comprehensive yoga knowledge that is shared under the Aparyoga retreat in India. A millions of people from all around the world who are infused in practicing some or the other form of yoga are getting thousands of benefits that yoga classes in India provides. This yogic science gives a modern and enhanced way of living but one of the astonishing points is that this science has its existing way back in the history of India. No one still knows who and when this yoga science was originated. If you are stressed and tired of your hectic routine life then an excellent Yoga retreat in India is what you require, and especially a retreat that is surrounded by snow covered Himalayas in Rishikesh. Rishikesh based Apar yoga retreat has lot to offer you, to list them- Ayurveda therapies, yogic practices, fund and many excursions. Rishikesh is ranked among the top Yoga retreats in Indiadestinations. While you can learn yoga in any corner of the globe but getting this knowledge in India can be an unforgettable experience as the atmosphere of this traditional land is perfectly appropriate for this science. There is no element that you will miss here, the yoga instructors and teachers here are very knowledgeable and well experienced. They teach students in such a professional manner that the participant himself or herself pick up Yoga teaching as a formal career.

Yoga Accommodation in India

Apar Yoga academy is rendering an opportunity for yoga learners to understand yogic way of life while staying in the lap of luxury within natural surroundings. Trainees will be accommodated in luxurious, intimate and Budgeted yoga retreat at Rishikesh. These Hotels are located near by ashram providing all means of comfort and luxury at moderate Prices. Here luxury doesn’t only meant by High prices, instead it connotes Best quality services at acceptable price. Hotels are settled at tempting locations accommodating with all the preferable means of comfort along with hygienic conditions. Here you will be provided with all modern amenities such as Private rooms with free wi-fi connectivity, separate air-conditioning systems to ensure optimum level of comfort, attached Bathrooms with Jacuzzi bathtubs. These hotels are settled along river Ganges with an overwhelming view of the holy river and the surrounding hills. An Ideal stay for Nature lovers who wants to enjoy nature.